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Manzur Kargar

Manzur Kargar's new works were exhibited by Hohmann at Context Art Miami 2017, ART Palm Springs 2018 and also here in the gallery.

Although born in Afghanistan, Kargar was raised in West Berlin. He studied Fine Art and Painting in Braunschweig at one of the most prestigious universities for painting in Germany. His early career focused on epic paintings from mythological times of gods and goddesses amongst the architecture and environments of antiquity. This body carried him to success until his obsessions took him elsewhere. 

Having thoroughly explored the ancient cultural paradigms he turned his eye towards the icons of today’s society. Inspired by the images we are confront by daily within the media and advertising, he began to compose new bold, sexy, and passionate paintings showcasing the new mythological creatures of today. 


When we opened Manzur Kargar's last exhibition 300 guests crowded the opening reception. COVID-19 limited the guest list of the newest exhibition to one. Three days after the Berlin-based painter arrived in his California studio to finish the paintings for his newest exhibition, the city went into lock-down. It's a good thing that the virus does not affect creativity. Please enjoy the exhibition safely from a distance in this video.

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Manzur Kargar

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“You paint what you see” says Kargar about himself and refers to art history: “Van Gogh painted the sun flowers because they were all around him, Monet his garden, Picasso his women and so on. If I look out the window of my Berlin apartment I don’t see landscapes. I live in an urban environment, I am surrounded by billboards and advertising is everywhere. These images have become part of my life whether I like it or not - they are part of our culture. When I paint I don’t want to lecture or give an opinion whether this is good or bad. I simply want to show how it is. I like the aesthetics and the beauty of this imagery but I also see the seductiveness and the danger that lies within. My paintings are meant to reflect this ambivalence.”

- Manzur Kargar


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Manzur Kargar, an up-and-coming artist from Berlin, Germany was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. He was moved to Germany at a very young age and was raised in West-Berlin. He studied Fine Art and Painting in Braunschweig at one of the most prestigious Universities for painting in Germany.

The paths of Christian Hohmann and Manzur Kargar crossed first in 2000 and Berlin (Germany) was boiling of excitement and anticipation. The new millennium and the fact that Berlin was once again the capital of Germany and still the largest construction place in all of Europe had magnetic powers for all creative people. Musicians, performing and visual artists alike were moving to Berlin. The gallery in Hamburg had been running successfully for a few years at the time and a new challenge was needed. That started the planning of the opening of a new gallery in Berlin, which happened in 2001. One of the many artist encounters was with Manzur Kargar. What made Manzur stand out was the fact that he was little impressed by the hype and the anxiety that was going around Berlin. Unlike most other he had lived in West-Berlin long before the wall came down and he knew Berlin in and out before the new wave of people came to the city to re-discover it. When most artists tried to compete over who would be the craziest, most disturbing and provocative, Manzur simply wanted to create good paintings and he did.

Unimpressed by any trends or new techniques he was working in his own personal style and success proved him right. Since then Manzur has re-invented himself and created a completely new style, influenced by the advertising world around us. In his early work he depicted Roman-Greco mythology and created very contemporary paintings based on the ancient cultures. His recent work is a strong departure from the historical content.

Bold, provocative and sexy is the new language of his passionate paintings. His inspiration is the media and advertising world around us. While his earlier work depicted the gods and goddesses of Antiquity, his new work depicts the icons of our Modern times.



Born in Kabul/Afghanistan


Moved to Germany, West-Berlin


Musician and composer in various band projectsMu


Studied painting at the HBK Braunschweig (University of Fine Arts)


Studied painting at the HdK Berlin (University of fine Art)


Lived and worked frequently in Los Angeles and New York


Co-founder of the project space BEAT. contemporary art gallery










Selected Solo Shows


HOHMANN, Palm Desert "GLAM"


 CHARISSCHWARZ GALLERY, Charisschwarz Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Gallery Jaeschke, Braunschweig, Germany


HOHMANN, Palm Desert, California, USA


Burkhard Eikelmann Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany


Simon Bart Gallery, Sardinia, I


Kunst & Auktionen am Kettwiger Tor, Essen, Germany


Burkhard Eikelmann Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany


Green Middle East, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 


The Solo Project Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland


Swissotel, Berlin, Germany


MyWay, Halle-Westphalia, Bielefeld, Germany


Galerie Eikelmann, Düsseldorf, Germany


Qubique trade fair, Berlin, Germany


Christian Hohmann Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA, USA


Feminine Soul Hybrids, WHITECONCEPTS, Berlin, German


STADTLADEN Berlin, Germany


 BEAT. Galerie, Berlin, Germany


BEAT. Galerie, Berlin, Germany


MENDO, Amsterdam, Netherlands


MENDO, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Gallery Kohinoor, Karlsruhe, Germany


Plattform 45, Hamburg, Germany


Galerie Bongartz, Hannover, Germany


Showroom Galerie Bongartz, Hannover, Germany


Galerie Eikelmann, Düsseldorf, Germany


Paravent-Projekt, Galerie Eikelmann, Düsseldorf, Germany


Campo Tures, Italy






























Selected Group Shows


GROUPSHOW, Andreas Baumgartl Galerie, Munich, GER


GROUPSHOW, Andreas Baumgartl Galerie, Munich, GER


EN BLOC, Codex Show Room, Berlin, GER


SUMMER EXPO, Simon Bart Gallery, Porto Cervo, Sardinia, I


Works on Paper, Codex Show Room, Berlin, GER


Les Miniature, Codex Show Room, Munich, Germany


Gallery Nolte, Münster, GER


Galerie Best, Bielefeld, Germany


EDGE AND SURFACE, Berlin, German


Portraits, WHITECONCEPTS, Berlin, Germany


Simon Bart Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italy


Christian Hohmann Fine Art, Palm Desert CA/USA


Art San Francisco, CA/USA


LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA/USA


BS-VISITE, Braunschweig, Germany


LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA/USA


LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA/USA


1 Jahr beat, BEAT.Gallery, Berlin, Germany


SUMMERBEAT 06, BEAT.Gallery, Berlin, Germany


5 Years of MENDO, MENDO, Amsterdam, Netherlands


GERMAN PAINTERS, Hart Gallery, Palm Desert, CA/USA


SUMMER EXPO, MENDO, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Art Karlsruhe, Rheinstetten, Germany


REPEAT II, Künstlerhaus Bergedorf, Hamburg/D


BLICK ZURÜCK NACH VORN, Plattform 45, Hamburg/D


art Karlsruhe, Rheinstetten/D


REPEAT I, Galerie im Turm, Berlin/D  


GERMAN PAINTERS, Hart Gallery, Palm Spring CA/USA


“…BLÜH’ IM GLANZE…“, Galerie Bongartz, Hannover, Germany


TROJA: TRAUM UND WIRKLICHKEIT, Landesmuseum Braun schweig, Germany


TROJA: TRAUM UND WIRKLICHKEIT, Landesmuseum Bonn, Germany


 Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany


GEGEN-STAND-HIGH-TECH, Vienna Art Center, Vienna, Austria


LAST SUPPER, Galerie Eikelmann, Essen, Germany


PARAVANT PROJECT, Galerie Eikelmann, Düsseldorf, Germany


NEW YORK NEW YORK, Galerie Arke, Dortmund, Germany


Galerie Eikelmann, Essen, Germany


Art Frankfurt, Germany


Tölke, Dehne, Kargar, Thiel, Galerie Hofkunst, Berlin, Germany


Casus Belli, Kunstfestival am Hafen, Antwerpen, Netherlands


Galerie Szmycinska und Stolz, Wiesbaden, Germany


Galerie InterArt, Cologne, Germany


Momento Mori, Galerie Parzifal, Berlin, Germany


Herrschaft des Schönen, 2.Annuale, Berlin, Germany


Kargar, Schindler, Thiel, Galerie Parzifal, Berlin, Germany


Berlin-Moskau, Avantgarde Galerie, Berlin, Germany


Herrschaft des Schönen, 1.Annuale, Berlin, Germany







































Public Collections


Berlinische Galerie
Volkswagen Wolfsburg
Manzur Kargar´s work is represented in numerous private collections in Europe and the USA



ARTISTS ON HORSES, artist music project with live performances,   recordings on vinyl and video productions

MOMAK-Project, Worldwide Virtual Museum of Afghan Artists
Göttinnen, Complete wall design of a taircase entrée with 24 oil paintings, private collection, Essen, GErm
Olymp, Interior design of a hotel suite with seven oil paintings on plastered, coloured walls and 40 hand-painted ceramic tiles, Campo Tures, Italy
BEAT. Contemporary Art Gallery, curator, Berlin, Germany
PAIN & PIXELS, photography and painting on industrial banners