"Why do I have to make an appointment?"

We are getting this question a lot and the short answer is: We don't want you to stand in front of closed doors. We are not always at the gallery and if you call ahead (and that's all we ask) we can make sure that someone is there to show you around.

Please call (760) 346-4243 option 1. If we are at the gallery and not busy with other clients,  you can always stop by.


Christian interview babies

Please let me explain: We are not a traditional retail art gallery. Our gallery is a working space and sometimes our work takes us away from the gallery. We advise and consult our clients in their homes and our days are filled with construction site visits, meetings with designers, architects, and developers. Many times a year we are traveling to showcase our art at one of the important national and international tradeshows like Art Miami. When we are in the gallery and we are not in a meeting with one of our clients or prospects, we often shoot video for our next online campaign and install art that collectors are coming to see in person. We are a small team and we love to give our clients undivided attention and provide a superior art buying experience, but unfortunately, that means we cannot always accommodate walk-ins at all times. If you are in the area and want to visit, all we ask from you is a quick call to the gallery to make sure we are there and have time. 


Time for you

IMG_5556If you are shopping for art, if you like a specific artist, if you are getting ideas for a specific space in your home or if you have a project for us, then making an appointment has great benefits: 

We can set time aside for you, listen to you without rushing you through the process, and answer all your questions. We can give you access to our inventory with pricing ahead of time, so we can prepare for viewing any- and everything you would like to see in person. With more than 1,500 works of art in our inventory (the largest in the Coachella Valley), we only have very few works on display. If you allow us to be prepared for your visit, you will find it to be most enjoyable and efficient. We are always available by phone to speak before you stop by, so you can tell us what you are looking for.

I can promise you that we are very low-key, easy-going and zero pressure. There is no sales pitch, no phrases, only guidance, and experience. My father started the gallery in 1976 out of a passion for art and I have continued in the same spirit since 1993 when I joined the family business. We love art, we are passionate about the artists we represent, and strongly believe that art cannot be sold. Instead, we feel that we can only introduce you to great art and hope that you will feel the same and fall in love with it, as we have. We are completely transparent with pricing and there are never any surprises.


Baby into the galleryJust curious!

If you are just curious to see the gallery, we would like to invite you to one of our many events. They are the best way to see the gallery without having to make an appointment and it's the most fun way to experience the gallery. (Hint: you get to drink champagne!)


We are still hosting exhibitions because it is my ultimate passion, but our gallery is a working space, so they are no longer on display for weeks on end. We usually have an opening event and then a few days thereafter where you can visit without an appointment. Please let me know if you are interested and I'd be happy to add you to our invitation mailing and e-mail list.

In closing:

Look, I know it sucks having to make an appointment when you are used to seeing art at your leisure everywhere else. I don't like to make appointments either, but please believe me that it is as easy as calling (760) 346-4243 option 1. And I promise you, it's worth it. If you are in the market for a work of art, you will not be disappointed. Don't make any buying decisions until you have seen what we have in store.


So please, call me today and if we are here, we look forward to seeing you!

Yours truly,

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44651 Village Court, Suite 142
Palm Desert, CA 92260

(760) 346-4243

All Mail:
PO Box 3407
Palm Desert, CA 92261

This is the main gallery and administration.
Open by appointment only.
Please call (760) 346-4243

Village Court Gallery



100 West Tahquitz Way, Suite 110
Palm Springs, CA 92262

(760) 346-4243

Please no mail. This is a showroom only.

Open by appointment
Please call (760) 346-4243 Option 1


Village Court


The gallery is a little hidden in the commercial area between Palm Desert and Indian Wells north of Hwy 111. 

If you are coming from Palm Desert, take a left on Village Center Drive. If you are coming from Indian Wells/La Quinta, take a right on Village Court. The steakhouse Ruth Chris is on the same street.

Several people have told us that navigation systems don't seem to like the dash in the number, so please enter the address as "44651 Village Court", not "44-651".

If you get lost, please call (760) 346-4243 x1

There is ample parking in front and around the building and we provide valet parking for most events.


Safety first!

Our gallery is by appointment only. Even before COVID we have always asked for a quick phone call so we can provide you with a superior art buying experience. Today, it helps us to ensure that you never have to share the space with other patrons. Our 9,000 sq. ft. gallery allows for ample social distancing and this way we can provide a safe activity for you, our clients.

Please know that making an appointment is as simple as giving us a quick phone call, even short notice. Just call us so we can make sure that someone is there and we will accommodate you same day. Not only can we give you our undivided attention, but by making an appointment we can assure that whatever you want to see is prepared and ready and that you have an undisturbed, relaxed visit. 

If you are getting ideas for a project, considering working with us or adding a work by one of our artists to your collection, please let us know. We will send you some information beforehand to ensure a first class experience when you visit the gallery.

We do not have ongoing exhibitions, so if you would like to just see the space, we would be happy to send you an invitation to our next event. 

COVID-19 Update: Until further notice we will not host opening receptions or events with multiple patrons present. Instead we would be happy to show you the exhibitions at your convenience.