Select AUSTIN-HOHMANN for a list of exhibitions we hosted in collaboration with Austin Art Projects.  Click any tile for more information or current inventory of the respective artists.

Nicholas Auen - new works
Toots Zynsky (with AAP)
Ry Arnoldi
- new works (with AAP)
Nathalie Arnoldi (with AAP)
Pascal Pierme - new works
Lawrence Schiller exhibition
Lawrence Schiller - Marilyn & Me
William Morris - Iconic Works (with AAP)
HOME SLIDES 2560x1280s
Greg Gorman & Gary Johns - HOMAGE
Ali Eckert - Vanishing Icons
Charles Arnoldi - old and new (with AAP)
Claudia Meyer - new works
Julian Voss-Andreae - new works 
Michael Azgour - new works
Bernard Dunaux - new works
Kimber Berry - new works
Manzur Kargar at Palm Springs Showroom
Zivana Gojanovic - new works
James Austin Murray - Light-Black
Edward Wilcox - Tough Abstraction
Nicholas Auen - new works
Udo Noeger - 22 Hours in Dreams
Christina Lissmann - new works
Donald Sultan - prints and multiples
Paul Ecke - new works
jd hansen - new works
Pascal Pierme - new works
Maura Segal - new works
Glenn Ostergaard - new works (with AAP)
Siegfried Neuenhausen - The Human Condition
Toots Zynsky - Camouflage (with AAP)
HOME SLIDES new landing2560x1280
Rimi Yang - new works
Doug Smith - new works
HOME SLIDES for new landing page26
Gerd Lieder - new works
Mohamed Abla - Life is Art
David Cerny - Babies
Julian Voss-Andreae - Isabelle
quantum meditation
Julian Voss-Andreae - Quantum Meditation
Ritter @PS Showroom
Jens Ritter - Rock'n'Roll Masterpieces
Intersect 2023
Art Miami 2019, 2021, 2022
Context Miami 2018
Context New York 2017
Art San Francisco 2015
Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2018
Vladimira Klumpar - new works (with AAP)
Matyas Pavlik - new works (with AAP)
Jun Kaneko - new works (with AAP)
David Willis- new works (with AAP)
Greg Gorman - It's Not About Me
LA SCOPE 2004 fair
Scope Los Angeles 2004
Los Angeles Art Show 2010
LAAS logo 2015
Los Angeles Art Show 2015
Art San Diego 2015
LAASS logo 2011
Los Angeles Art Show 2011
Los Angeles Art Fair 2012
Los Angeles Art Show 2012
Palm Springs Art Fair 2012-2019
Art Palm Springs 2020
Intersect Palm Springs 2022