We had to temporarily suspend the possibility to send submissions to the gallery. In less than 12 months we received over 1,500 artist submissions. We appreciate it and we are grateful for the level of interest to work with us. Unfortunately, it has become overwhelming to even review the emails, let alone make choices.

While we work through previous submissions, we will also rethink how to narrow down the parameters, so that you will have a better understanding of what we are looking for.

Again, thank you for your interest! If you would like to be notified when we re-open artist submissions, please sign up below.

If you have previously submitted your information and received a confirmation email, there is no need to follow up. We are slowly reviewing all submissions and will be in touch if it's a good fit.

Please do not call or visit the gallery to submit your artwork or to pitch an artist. It is highly disruptive to our workday and takes time away from working for the artists we represent. Thank you for your consideration!


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Thank you!

We appreciate your interest in working with our gallery or referring an artist to us. We take it as a compliment and we want to say thanks for thinking of us!

Opportunities to work with artists come to us from our clients and collectors, from other galleries, consultants, agents, art professors and our own artists. Plus, we receive email submissions from artists around the world on a daily basis. We love looking at new art and we very much appreciate every submission. However, it has become impossible to manage, which is why we set up this page. To secure a fair, unbiased, objective review of all submissions, we no longer accept any submissions except through the form to the right.

If you do not have a website or instagram account you can reply to the confirmation email and attach images of artworks and your biography.

Please note that there is no need to follow up. We will review every submission and if there is any potential, we will be in touch.

We receive more than 500 submissions on average every year and we usually take on 2 -3 new artists during the same time. Before submitting your artwork, please take two minutes to read Christian Hohmann's letter below. 

Again, thank you for thinking of us! We appreciate it!

May we ask a favor:

Please do not approach principals or gallery staff with submissions during events, art fairs or when they are with clients. As a strict policy we do not comment on portfolios and we do not allow walk-ins without appointment.

We do not accept mail or drop-off submissions. We will discard of any and all unsolicited materials mailed to or left at the gallery - no exceptions. Under no circumstances will we review any materials in your presence or comment on your art work. We also do not recommend or refer to other galleries as we do not know their submission guidelines or program choices.For more information on submission etiquette please read below.


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For the Love of Art 

I grew up in a gallery and I love artists. I feel that artists make this world a better place. I love the smell of oil paint in a studio, the dust and noise in a workshop and I get chills of excitement when visiting an artist studio for the first time. I love art. It's my passion. And I love the people who make it. That's why I am in this business.

So I thank you and I salute you, because I know it isn't easy out there on any level. I wish we could work with more artists, but there is only so much we can realistically handle. We also know our clientele well and we don't want to take on an artist for which we don't see potential among our clients, even if we love the work. It's like with any good relationship - it develops naturally. If you have to force it, it's no good.

We are always looking for new artists and I am always open to recommendations, but I also have my own (long) wish list of artists that I want to work with. In order to keep up the highest quality of art for our collectors and clients, we have a very thorough due diligence process and many requirements before we start a new relationship. For example, out of principle and respect to all the artists that make huge sacrifices to make a living with art, we don't work with artists who create art as a hobby. We are a very professional gallery and we want to work with professional artists. I personally have been in the art business for more than 25 years. I don't expect the same from our artists, but there is really no need to apply if you are just starting out and have no gallery experience at all. Or if you haven't sold anything yet. We simply wouldn't be a good fit at this point in your career. 

I don't want to discourage anyone from submitting their art work, on the contrary, I want to encourage it. But I also want to make sure that you know what to expect.  We feel fortunate that we receive a large number of artist submissions and recommendations from all over the world. Our collectors, clients, artists, curators and colleagues recommend artists to us. We take it as a compliment that so many artists want to work with us, but in recent years the flood of applications has become overwhelming. We are a small team and every e-mail we write to explain why we cannot represent an artist is one email that we cannot write to a client. I also feel very strongly that we need to judge every submission solely based on the quality of the art and not based on who makes the referral. That's why  every submission has to be made through this web site, so we can ensure that every artist has the same chance based only on their work and career and not based on who they know.

I promise, that if you submit your web site and/or Instagram link here, we will look at it and if there is any potential for future representation or collaboration, we will add you to our artist radar. It's a list that we keep for future reference. I also promise that I will keep it confidential if you are currently working with one of our competitors. Your submission comes straight to me if you use the form to the right. Please don't use our general gallery email.  

Please understand that we are not able to answer submissions right away, even if we love it. We usually have projects and exhibitions lined up for several months to come and we have a tight schedule. I try to look at submissions as often as I can and if I am interested there is a whole lengthy method to it: I go over it with my team of mentors, consultants and my core staff who all get to weigh in to determine if it's in line with our business goals as well. Once we are interested, please understand that it is a process that starts with getting to know each other and learning about your vision and your work. It usually starts out very slowly with taking a few items on consignment and using them in projects. Display in the gallery and on the web site comes later and exhibitions or even art fairs are reserved for those artists with whom we have a long standing solid relationship.

Time and again I get asked what I am looking for and my standard answer is: quality, consistency, originality. The truth is that I am always curious and I have no idea of what I want until I see it. So do surprise me! But to give some guidance, I put together a few minimum requirements below.

You will get a confirmation e-mail to let you know that we have received your information and there is no need to follow up.

Again, I appreciate your interest in working with us and I look forward to viewing what you are creating!

Thank you and best regards, C. Hohmann

PS: I'm a visual guy. Good imagery is better for me than long dissertations. However, please make sure your biography is up to date, especially recent exhibitions and current representation.  



Part of our due diligence is to make sure that the artists we represent have reached a certain level, before offering them to our clients. There is always the exception to the rule, but if several of the requirements below are not met, please reconsider submitting your artwork.

We prefer working with artists, who:

- are full time professional artists.

- only sell through established galleries, not directly.

- have an established price level and a solid track record of sales.

- have formal training, art school, college, university etc.

- have gallery experience.

- have the ability to deliver or ship artwork with a few day's lead time



The etiquette of submitting your artwork

Look, we get it. You have worked hard and now you want someone to see your work and comment on it. Or you know this really talented artist and nobody has discovered him or her yet. It's the logical thing to go to art galleries and tell them about it. But here is the thing: Over more than 40 years we have built a clientele that we know and we have contracts with artists that we represent. Out of a thousand submissions there may be one that works for our vision of the gallery and doesn't compete with one of our existing artists, so chances are we have to say no. Can you imagine how difficult it is to say to no to someone who has worked hard, just because it doesn't fit with what we are doing? We don't like it.  And it is in no way a reflection on your work. Another gallery would be lucky to have you, but we can't recommend another gallery, because we have no idea what their procedures are or what they want.

It is much more dignified to do it our way. Send us your information with the form on the top of the page and if we like it, we will be in touch! Much nicer, no?

Art Fairs and Events

This is important! Please respect the time and financial investment of our principals and art consultants and do not approach gallery staff with any materials or questions regarding artist submissions during art fairs or events in the gallery. Fairs and events cost a lot of money and it's important that we concentrate on the people that are visiting to acquire art. Imagine you were an artist represented by a gallery at an art fair. You wouldn't want them to miss a sale because they are distracted looking at someone else's work.

Again, thank you for making the world brighter and for understanding our side of the art world!