We appreciate your interest in working with our gallery. We procure the artists for our artist roster proactively, but we do review every submission for potential for one of our many projects. Due to the extremely high volume of artist submissions recently, we only allow submissions through this form.

If you have previously submitted your information on our website, there is no need to send it again. If there is any potential now, or in the future, we will be in touch.

You will receive a confirmation email. Please do not add our email to any newsletter list.



If you are currently represented by a competitor, please respond to the confirmation email. We will keep all of our conversations confidential.

As a general rule, we do not allow the drop-off or mailing of unsolicited materials and we will not store or return them. Under no circumstances do we allow walk-in artist submissions and we will never comment on portfolios in your presence. Please do not call or visit the gallery to submit your artwork or to pitch an artist. It is highly disruptive to our workday and takes time away from working for the artists we represent. Thank you for being considerate!

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