The German-American, Ali Eckert, grew up in two cultures and has been strongly influenced by American imagery. Eckert uses iconographic American sceneries and pop cultural elements to explore the American Dream. Working with strong symbols he captures an on-going American cultural transition.
The relation of the obvious and the hidden as well as the contradiction of aesthetic and decay are of high interest in Eckert’s art. Underneath the seductive surface he layers ephemeral, vulnerable and dramatic content. The resulting images draw you in. His work refers to certain nuances that challenge the viewer to explore more.
Eckert works with mixed media, film and photography in his studios in Berlin and Wisconsin.



   Vanishing Icons

   Aluminum Works


Vanishing Icons 

exhibition at Village Court



Artist's Vision

"Once I focus on a certain topic, I first visualize the finished art pieces. The next step is to stage and photograph all the separate parts of the final image.  These images are finally digitally composed until they appear realistic. I then switch to an analog process which is based on an individual transfer technique that I developed over several years.  The result has a unique aesthetic appeal.  The handmade transferring process of the translucent pigments is not repeatable and makes each transfer one-of-a-kind."

   - Ali Eckert


Following an apprenticeship in photography, Ali Eckert earned his Bachelor of Arts in Wiesbaden, Germany. After several years as a commercial director, he worked as a feature film director/screenwriter/producer, and since 2007 Eckert has been working as a visual artist.
His art has been exhibited in Europe, United States and China. Eckert has received several international awards and is internationally collected (Sander Collection/Basel, Zagoras Collection/Athens and the Neumann-Hug Collection/St.Urban, German Art Fund Hungary, among others).

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