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Nice to Meet you!

We would love to meet you if you are considering working with us! Whether you are a casual or serious collector, art consultant, curator, museum or institution, developer, architect, interior or landscape designer – whether you are considering one work by one of our artists for your collection or you have a major project for us, please get in touch, so we can explore the possibilities!
We promise to always give our best, to be ethical and fair to both, our clients and artists.

We are always trying to help, but please remember that we are a very small team working with many clients. If you have any general, or non-sales related questions, please check our Frequently Asked Questions first. 


 Our Village Court Gallery is by appointment only. To ensure that only one client/patron/party is in the gallery at any given time it is very important to call the gallery first to see if it's OK to come. We will do our best to accommodate your visits even short notice, but we ask that you call ahead. We have always been by appointment at this location, but since COVID-19, we are now enforcing this rule and do not allow drop-in visits. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but the health and safety of our clients is our number one priority.

Please call (760) 346-4243 to make an appointment.

Drop us a line!


Thank you for making an appointment!

We are a small team and our main goal is to give you a first class experience and being able to prepare for your visit or a phone call with you, allows us to make the most out of your precious time. We love giving you our undivided attention and with an appointment we can guarantee that. Thank you!

Our El Paseo showroom is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 - 6 with no appointment necessary. Our Village Court gallery is open by appointment. Please don't be discouraged by that! We are by appointment for one reason only and that is so you don't make a trip to stand in front of closed doors, because we are all out on client appointments.

It also really helps us to now what you would like to see, because many items are packed up and stored away and we can prepare them for viewing if we know that you are coming, even if it is on the same day. We can usually prepare with 45-60 min notice.

There are no ongoing exhibitions on display, so if you would like to just see the space, we would be happy to send you an invitation to one of our events.

If you are not in the area and would like more information about a work or an artist that you are considering, we would be happy to consult by phone. We love e-mail, but a phone call allows you to address all your questions at once and there is much information about each and every work.

COVID-19 Update: Please note that we are now enforcing appointments and won't allow any drop-in visits. Please call ahead, even if you just happen to be in the neighborhood, to ensure that no other clients have an appointment at that time. We will do our best to accommodate you even short notice, but we will no longer allow two unrelated parties in the gallery until further notice.

Non-Sales related questions

Please keep in mind that we are a small team serving hundreds of art collectors across the US and internationally and our priority is to serve our existing and potential clients first.

If you have any non-sales related questions, for example regarding artist submissions or regarding artwork that you own that is not by one of our artists, please check the FAQ first. If you have anything to offer that we did not specifically request, please drop us a line first and we will determine if a phone call or face-to-face meeting is necessary.



If there is a specific work of art from our website that you would like to see or if you have a project that you would like to discuss, nothing is better than face-to-face.

You can visit our El Paseo showroom anytime during opening hours to see a few examples of the artwork and artists we represent or you can make an appointment at our Village Court gallery and we can set aside some time for you and show you almost anything you want to see in person.



El Paseo Showroom

73130 El Paseo, Suite K
Palm Desert, CA 92260

Tuesday - Saturday  from  10 - 6

(760) 346-4243 x400

All mail: PO Box 3407, Palm Desert, CA 92261



Village Court Gallery

44651 Village Court #142
Palm Desert, CA 92260

By appointment only - (760) 346-4243 x300 

All mail: PO Box 3407, Palm Desert, CA 92261