Edward Wilcox

When artist Edward Wilcox made the switch from a rigid rectilinear city existence full of sharp angles and dark edges and found respite in the Central Coast’s fields of foliage and prismatic light, a liberating shift of perspective was born. Taking fresh cues from the landscape and the organic forms of unadulterated nature, a body of color field, or “tough” abstraction emerged.

Wilcox’s recent paintings arrive from an intimate relationship with his environment: lines inspired by tree limbs, voluminous space derived from vast open sky, minute details carved upon reflection of a far-off horizon. Atmospheric revelations and random spontaneous gestures compile atop white and black grounds, showcasing the colors, tones, textures, and shapes of the primal world. 

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Tough Abstraction

Join us for a walk through Edward Wilcox's studio and learn about the inspiration for his art.

Edward shares some insight about his newest body of work, his new home, and what it means to have perspective.


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Video of  "Black Bird" in our Village Court Gallery.



"This new work is a departure from the dark and an experiment in light: the separation of light, the harmony, and the indication of lines in nature with color field abstraction. As mankind, we are the only creatures that try to mimic what we live in through an artistic medium. Living away from the harsh lines of the city, I have found myself drawn to the atmospheric reality of open space. My new work is an exercise in randomness, as nature is instinctually random, and it is in this new endeavor that I strive to mimic that creative instinct."

-Edward Wilcox

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