Hohmann Isabelle (2)




Stainless Steel and LED Lighting, 2018

12' x 12' x 10'

Public Commission

Location: Palm Springs, California

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by Julian Voss-Andreae

The unveiling of this new public installation in front of the Kimpton Hotel "The Rowan" in Palm Springs was a huge success. Make sure to check her out and post a picture at #isabellePS. The sculpture site is the walkway from the plaza (between Starbucks and the Kimpton Hotel) towards Museum Way. 

His public sculptures have become landmarks in eleven states in the US as well as internationally. The renown Quantum Physicist turned sculptor, Julian Voss-Andreae personally unveiled his latest monument right here in Palm Springs. Developer Michael Braun of Grit Palm Springs felt that Voss-Andreae’s vision would be a perfect match for his company’s commitment to art in public spaces and to bring an international caliber of talent to downtown Palm Springs.

"Isabelle" is a site-specific work and Voss-Andreae created her to showcase everything that Palm Springs is known for. By day she is sought to capture the brilliant sun and beautiful colors of the Coachella Valley through the polished stainless steel. By night, enhanced by an elaborate integrated custom lighting system, the sculpture will play on the glitz and glamour of Palm Springs’ vibrant night life. A landmark, a meeting point, a photo opportunity - this sculpture will allow people of all walks of life to come together, create memories and to find their place in the sun. Christian Hohmann of Hohmann Fine Art, the representative of the artist, feels that the sculpture has the potential to become a main attraction: “Great art has the power to attract people and connect them through the experience and interaction. To see this work being realized right here is a proud moment. We are grateful for the positive reception of the Palm Springs Art Commission who approved and supported the idea and the enthusiasm and financial support of developer Michael Braun who saw Voss-Andreae’s vision through right from the start.”

Approaching the sculpture from the main plaza she is almost invisible, materializing in front of the viewer only at closer proximity. This phenomenon of the disappearing angle is reminiscent of a desert mirage and it invites viewers to discover the visual complexity of the work as an allegory of the cultural diversity and the multi-faceted community that is Palm Springs.

This is the first of several collaborations of Michael Braun with the Palm Desert gallery Hohmann Fine Art for the downtown development

Julian Voss-Andreae's Isabelle

A video of Voss-Andreae's landmark sculpture "Isabelle" in downtown Palm Springs


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Video of the unveiling event for "Isabelle", Julian Voss-Andreae's landmark sculpture in downtown Palm Springs. An illustrious mix of guests including art collectors, city officials, celebrities and clients of Hohmann mingled during the VIP reception and the unveiling of the public sculpture.



"Isabelle" kick-started a renaissance of public art in Palm Springs. When developer Michael Braun moved forward with his ambitious plans for a new Downtown Palm Springs, public art was a part of his vision from the start. "Isabelle" was his first contribution to the new pedestrian area immediately adjacent to the Palm Springs Art Museum. Christian Hohmann connected the developer with Julian Voss-Andreae, who developed "Isabelle" site specifically for this space.

The sculpture quickly became a favorite of locals and visitors alike, sparking a new desire for public art. Several public installations followed, some permanent and some temporary, like the Palm Springs Babies, an art installation by world famous Czech artist David Cerny, also brokered by Christian Hohmann and sponsored by Michael Braun and Grit development. Read more: www.palmspringsbabies.com




Julian Voss-Andreae

Many artists have been inspired by Quantum Physics, but very few can claim to be Quantum Physicists. Julian Voss-Andreae was born into an artistic family with a profound love of, and appreciation for, the fine arts. His mother is a violinist, and his father wrote, produced and directed a feature-length documentary about a renowned artist back in their native Hamburg, Germany. Both parents were very supportive of Julian’s early artistic pursuits and talent in drawing and painting. However, his deep curiosity and desire to explore the underlying nature of reality, gravitated him toward Quantum Physics, first at the Freie University Berlin and the University of Edinburgh, and later at the University of Vienna, where he did his graduate work in the research group of Anton Zeilinger (recipient of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics).
The seminal experiment Voss-Andreae participated in is now commonly featured in physics textbooks. His team was able to illustrate how the famously bizarre world of quantum physics underlies the familiar world as we experience it by demonstrating quantum behavior for the then largest particles ever, soccer ball-shaped molecules affectionately known as “buckyballs.” These studies would later deeply influence his art in multifaceted ways.
It was also through science that he met his wife, Adriana, who was a graduate student in neuroscience at the time, and who has since collaborated with him on several sculpture projects. In 2001, he moved to the US and went on to get his BFA in sculpture at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon, where his studio is based to this day. He received his first public commissions while still an art student, and was discovered by galleries soon after. Today, private collectors often have to be waitlisted to receive one of Voss-Andreae’s sought-after sculptures. His sculptures have found their way into hundreds of private and public collections in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. His works have also been published in the press internationally with high critical acclaim, videos of his work have gone viral with tens of millions of views, and he has received numerous prizes and awards.
While Voss-Andreae’s sculptures are inspired by a diversity of fascinating concepts and themes, his “disappearing” sculptures strike a particularly deep chord. They were conceived when Voss-Andreae imagined himself in the place of the buckyball particle of his graduate research. Just like the internal oscillatory energy of the particle, first described by Planck and Einstein, gives rise to the wave function of quantum physics, he envisioned the rhythmic motion of the human gait giving rise to the same mathematical structure. Visualizing the wave fronts of the wave function as evenly spaced, parallel slabs of steel, the idea for his “light wave beings”, or “disappearing sculptures,” was born. Built in slices of marine grade stainless steel, the most industrial and cold material in art, Voss-Andreae depicts the soft and warm human form in a way that, depending on the viewer’s perspective, appears solid or virtually disappears. Through his art, Voss-Andreae succeeds in metaphorically transcending the classical reductionist-materialist paradigm to reveal the underlying nature of reality as holistic and deeply spiritual.

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