Julian Voss-Andreae

This is the (almost complete) index of Julian Voss-Andreae's works. If you want to learn more about the artist, please click here: LEARN MORE

If you're considering one of his works for your collection or have questions about site-specific works, please get in touch with the gallery. If you own a Voss-Andreae sculpture and have concerns about authenticity, please get in touch. We can help authenticate your work of art, even if you didn't acquire it from us.

If you have an old pricelist that doesn't correspond to these numbers you can request a new pricelist here.

"Available" means that there is still one or more exemplars left in the limited edition, but they may have to be produced. There are usually very few sculptures immediately available. Lead times vary from sculpture to sculpture and depend on the current capacity of the studio. The lead time is the combined waiting time until the studio can start working on your order and the production time. Currently the lead time is anywhere from 8 to 12 months depending on the work.  

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