Roger Reutimann

Swiss-American sculptor Roger Reutimann is working with contemporary materials like cast stainless steel and fiberglass to transform the inexhaustible subject of the human figure into present-day original and innovative works of art.

His semi-abstract sculptures are boldly colored and meticulously finished with high gloss automotive paints. Reutimann is interested in the purity of shapes, in simple geometric lines that are suggesting of the human form.

Influenced by artists like Moore, Brancusi and Arp he also finds inspiration in industrial and automotive design. Reutimann strongly believes in perfection. His disciplined upbringing, life-long piano practice and former careers in the fields of international art fairs and product design give the self-taught artist a unique perspective on art.

Reutimann explains: “I’m taking my sculptures to a different level, one that includes elements, which can’t be expressed by words. To me sculpture is like painting a thousand paintings, It adds another dimension in very permanent mediums, such that will last for generations. The third dimension in sculpture has a powerful impact on the observer, one that relates to our physical reality. It lets the artist play with different perspectives. I am not trying to solve the mystery of the human figure, but to deepen it”

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"Cadillactus" - Public Commision 2024


A project of outstanding artistic commitment. To visualize the concept of not being in control of your own self and body in a dream, Reutimann designed nine sculptures in various stages of distortion. As viewers walks among the installation,  they will see their own reflection in the mirror polished pedestals and consequently become part of the artwork as the distorted reflection of their own self is juxtaposed by the floating bodies of the sculptures. 

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Roger Reutimann was born in 1961 in Winterthur, Switzerland. Reutimann’s perfectionism comes from a very disciplined upbringing in Switzerland. He began playing the piano at a young age and during his teen years he competed in international piano competitions and performing as a classical concert pianist. Click here to see Roger playing . He’s lived a varied and creative life since the classical music days designing and marketing a series of light fixtures and lamps and organizing art fairs in Zurich, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. He lived in Miami and spent six years designing and crafting a Miami Beach villa, where he mastered working with plaster to create ornamental ceilings. The home was published in Architectural Digest. During his time in Miami, he decided to become a full-time artist and began taking art classes at the Armory Center in Palm Beach. Reutimann had painted for most of his life but the only course open when he first signed up was a sculpture class. He had never thought of sculpting before, but he decided to give it a try and was hooked right away.

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