We are currently actively seeking consignment of works that have a fair market value of $50,000 and up.

We have placed many hundreds of works of art from the secondary market into collections of our clients, however, we are primarily in the business of marketing and representing our artists and we are limited as to how many works of art we can market effectively to our collectors.

Our success in selling secondary market works is knowing our collectors and knowing our limitations. That means we will honestly tell you when we are not the right gallery to sell your work of art.

Please fill out the form and we will send you an email with instructions on how to submit your works of art, so we can consider them for consignment.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot recommend other galleries, dealers, or websites to sell your art if we are not a good fit. We do not know the specifics of how other galleries choose their consignment or what they are looking for.

If you are interested in acquiring investment-grade secondary market works, please call the gallery and talk to Christian Hohmann.

If you are an artist and would like to submit your own work of art, please click here.


How we sell

We understand the sensitivity of selling high-profile works.  The number one advantage of selling through a reputable gallery (not just us) versus selling through an auction house is not the price you can achieve or the commission you pay. The number one advantage is that if the artwork doesn't sell right away it does not become public record. If an artwork is bought in (not sold) at auction, it is recorded on various websites and becomes public record and the work becomes impossible to sell for many years. We take a different approach and offer the work to one collector at a time from a database of more than 2,000 customers that have purchased art from us and more than 5,000 prospects that have expressed specific interest.

We also offer it to prospects individually at art fairs, such as Art Miami, where the top collectors from around the world come together in the fall. We will discuss with you the best options, and only if you approve, will we expand the search for a new owner by posting the work on our own and selected 3rd party websites, and boost interest with email marketing.

We can help find an appraiser, do condition reports, help with provenance research and due diligence, produce high-quality images and video and help with crating, shipping/transportation, and storage.

Please note that any work that we perform on your behalf, including but not limited to research, appraisals, shipping, handling, transportation, installation or de-installation, storage, or photography will be billed per our art services pricelist if you decide not to place the work with us. We will not perform any work without your express permission, so there are no surprise charges.



- competitive commission

- complete discretion/privacy

- large database of collectors and art buyers


- assistance with:

   shipping, handling & storage

   production of imagery/video

   appraisal and provenance research

   condition reports

   restoration, cleaning, re-framing



Art Miami

In December, the whole art world looks to Miami, when Art Basel and Art Miami attract more than 100,000 visitors and collectors from all over the world. As a result, more than 20 satellite fairs have been established over the years, making the first week in December the most important week for art in the world.

This fair alone will bring a large number of prospective buyers in front of your artwork, whether in person or within our portfolio that we bring to the fair.