Pierme at Village Court




One of the most exclusive communities on the West Coast just commissioned Pascal Pierme to create four major works for their new clubhouse. This comes on the heels of the acquisition of several works and the commission of a major wall piece for the Guy Dreier designed restaurant at the Stone Eagle Golf Club. 

Pascal Pierme was born in St. Raphael, France. He lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Pierme creates minimalist sculptures out of multiple mediums that help him work out puzzles related to balance, movement, inquiry, architecture and nature. The artist cites his grandfather with his fragrant woodshop as an early inspiration. Through him he learned how to be one hundred percent responsible for creating something from A-Z. Pierme studied Art History and Technique in St. Raphael, France and the Airgraph Technique in San Diego, California. He has participated in hundreds of exhibitions throughout the United States, France and Switzerland. His work has been commissioned privately by the likes of Pierre Cardin, Carol Burnett, Marriott Hotels and the Equifax World Headquarters among others. Pierme is interested in assimilating what is not supposed to fit—the combination of contrasting elements through a metaphorical chemistry. He composes elements into a moment and “freezes” it, therefore capturing a split second of evolution. 


Currently on Display

An exhibition with new works by Pascal Pierme is currently on display at our Village Court gallery. Due to COVID-19 restrictions there is no opening reception, but you are welcome to see the exhibition in person by appointmnet: www.hohmann.art/visit or you can request the a list of available works below. 

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Artist Statement

"Francois Mitterrand said, “I love the person who is searching, yet I am afraid of the one who thinks he has found the answer.” In my life I have much more pleasure with the questions than with finding the answers, except when the answer is a new question. And that is where the obsession to create begins.
My work presents a sweet interrogation versus a statement. Success occurs when the viewer feels involved in the creativity. They ask their own questions that are perhaps different from mine, even if to find the same answer. To me, nothing is more boring than to be in total control.
I am inspired by the verb more than the adjective. I want my work to be recognized by its essence, not by the way it appears. By not being locked in to a “category” I am able to maintain freedom. This allows for a constant evolution in medium and subject.
Much like creating a novel in just a few sentences, I am creating a fundamental alphabet with which to speak my own language. Getting to the essential is the most difficult part for me and for many artists. We often put too much varnish on words, expressions, or attitudes. Through this process my work has become more minimal. Maturity has also given me the ability to take more risks
For decades, balance, movement, inquiry, architecture and nature have been reoccurring themes in my work. I am interested in assimilating what is not supposed to fit - the combining of contrasting elements. My main ingredient is chemistry. I feel the movement and then freeze that moment in the interaction and take a “snapshot” – capturing a split second in the evolution. Thereby creating something that is abstract and at the same time, quite figurative. As such, my work can be experienced as organic. It moves. It is alive, it comes from some-where, it is going somewhere, and you feel that by what you see.
I try to sculpt in a way where I can change my mind until the last minute. My creativity is at its best when I push the medium of my work to its limit. Art, amore', and adventure!"

-Pascal Pierme


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All of Pascal Pierme’s works are original, one-of-a-kind wall sculptures in mixed media on wood and freestanding sculptures in wood and steel. Small wall sculptures start at $1,800, mid-size wall pieces range from $4,000 - 7,0000 and large works sell well into the high $20,000. Freestanding sculptures range from $18,000 - 30,000.

If you are looking for information to evaluate a work you own, please consult the FAQ first.


Pascal Pierme was born in St. Raphael, France. 

Pascal Pierme is a Frenchman who settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA in 1997 after gaining a European reputation as a promising young sculptor. He accomplished several solo exhibitions in France and Switzerland, and worked on collaborative projects alongside creative giants such as Pierre Cardin. Pierme cites his Grandfather – an exceptional woodworker, as well as a painter – as an early inspiration. “The idea to be 100% responsible for creating something from A to Z amazed me.” Pierme recalls. “The scent of his studio was also a big attraction. The fragrance of multiple woods combined with turpentine and linseed oil created a magical space.”

Pierme himself has since become known as a master of medium. However, if asked what he values in art, he will reply, “THE IDEA. That is it.” Though teasingly nicknamed “Picasso” at a very early age, due to rampant creativity, Pierme has never been comfortable identifying himself an artist. That is for others to decide. He is, however, aware that he has prolific creative tendencies. He is a man who does not “feel good” unless he is making.

Hence, the first question this artist explored was his own viability in creating art full-time. The answer came in 1988 after he had given himself one year to become a working artist. Pierme elaborates, “In a way, my career has happened in reverse. In the beginning of my career, choosing to be a sculptor and becoming a young father, happened simultaneously. Being responsible as a father, created an immediate focus and seriousness about my career. In a way, my daughter pushed me to be more professional.”
By 1997, Pascal had moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico permanently. He settled in a home/studio atop a mountain reminiscent of those in the south of France. After a few months he began traveling around in the state, through which he discovered amazing landscape, peace and inspiration. Pierme reminisces, “The magic of New Mexico was a life changing experience for me. I fell in love.”

Pierme considered being a foreigner an advantage for his creative process. He quickly discovered a different system, culture and new approaches - opening a new chapter in the young sculptor’s life. Now, nearly a quarter-century later, his career has blossomed in America. Through apparent maturity in his work, he has been able to take more risks and evolve rapidly. Critics, curators, collectors and artists alike revere his ongoing bodies of work.

Pierme’s work has been included in 80+ solo, museum and international exhibitions out of the 120+ exhibitions outlined on his resume and countless publications have featured his sculpture. In addition, Pierme has found charitable endeavors an important facet in his artistic career. With a true intention of giving back, he has worked as an organizer and benefactor for several organizations relating to the promotion of the arts and the betterment of the community that he calls home.


Solo Exhibitions


GF Contemporary, Pascal Pierme: 20ème Anniversaire à Santa Fe, New Mexico

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Abstraction Today, Atlanta, Georgia


Montclair State University, George Segal Gallery, Art Connections 11 Montclair, New Jersey

Art Olympia 2015 - Toshima City, Tokyo

Taos Art Museum, Annual Gala Exhibition - Taos, New Mexico

Albuquerque Museum: Miniatures and More - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Aberson Exhibits, Pascal Pierme - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Calvin Charles Gallery, Pascal Pierme: Pivot - Scottsdale, Arizona

X Florence Biennale, Art And The Polis - Florence, Italy

SACI's International Art Exhibition Award 2015 - International


Royal Academy of Art, Summer Exhibition 2014 - London, England

Royal Scottish Academy, International Open 2014 - Edinburgh, Scotland

Art Gemini Prize, London's Global Art Prize - London, England Awarded second prize for painting and sculpture

G F Contemporary, Pascal Pierme: Après Musée - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Taos Art Museum, Annual Gala Exhibition - Taos, New Mexico

Albuquerque Museum, Pascal Pierme, More Artist: Miniatures and More Albuquerque, New Mexico

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Fall National Exhibition - Novato, California

Awarded first prize by Juror: Betti-Sue Hertz, Director of Visual Arts, Yerba

Buena Center for the Arts; former Curator of Contemporary Art San Diego Museum of Art


Taos Museum of Art, Annual Gala Exhibition - Taos, New Mexico

Highlands Museum - First Place, Mixed Media - Ashland, Kentucky

Cornell Museum, National Exhibition - Del Ray Beach, Florida

Paia Contemporary Gallery - Paia, Hawaii

David Richard Gallery, sponsored by Creative Santa Fe - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Michele Mariaud Gallery, AAF International Art Fair- New York, New York

Yares Art Projects - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Cancer Foundation of New Mexico, Sweetheart Gala - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Calvin Charles Gallery - Scottsdale, Arizona

Blanche Ames National Art Exhibition - North Easton, Massachusetts Center for Contemporary Art - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Aberson Projects - Tulsa, Oklahoma


Living with Art, AAF International Art

Fair - Singapore Island, Singapore

Living with Art, AAF International Art

Fair - New York, New York

GF Contemporary, AAF International

Art Fair - Seattle, Washington

Calvin Charles Gallery - Scottsdale, Arizona

Alan Avery Art Company - Atlanta, Georgia

Paia Contemporary Gallery - Paia, Hawaii

Calvin Charles Gallery - Scottsdale, Arizona

I M A Gallery - Seattle, Washington

JAG Contemporary - La Jolla, California

G F Contemporary - Santa Fe, New Mexico


Paia, HI Paia Contemporary Gallery 

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Scottsdale, AZ Calvin Charles Gallery 

Santa Fe, NM  Zane Bennett Gallery


Santa Fe, NM Zane Bennett contemporary Art


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La Jolla, CA Contemporary Fine Art Gallery


Santa Fe, NM 707 Contemporary                     

La Jolla, CA Contemporary Fine Art Gallery  

Chicago, IL Fonction+Art


Las Cruces, NM Museum of Fine Arts


Santa Fe, NM 707 Contemporary


Scottsdale AZ Calvin Charles Gallery                

Aspen, CO Aspen International Art                   

Santa Fe NM 707 Contemporary                        

La La Jolla CA Contemporary Fine Art Gallery


Santa Fe, NM 707 Contemporary                       

La Jolla, CA Contemporary Fine Art  Gallery  

Aspen, CO Aspen International Art Gallery     

Atlanta, GA Trinity Gallery


Santa Fe, NM Expression in Fine Art


Santa Fe, NM Expressions in Fine Art 

Palm Desert, CA Soho Gallery


Santa Fe, NM Expressions in Fine Art


Palm Desert, CA Soho Gallery


Santa Fe, NM Waxlander/Khadoure Gallery


Aspen, CO Miranda Galleries                            

Santa Fe, NM Waxlander/Khadoure Gallery   


St Moritz, Switzerland Suvretta Hotel

Geneve/Cologny, Switzerland Le Manoir de Cologny

1995 Mougins, France Galerie du Lavoir
1994 Theoule/mer, France Club de Port la Galere  Theoule/mer, France Galerie Pierre Cardin
1993 Valbonne, France Espace d’art Contemporain  Cannes, France Galerie 17
1992 Besancon, France Galerie des Quais

Grenoble, France Espace Totem                       

Tourtour, France Moulin a Huile


Tourtour, France Galerie Revelli


Group Exhibitions


Dallas TX Art Fair 

Las Cruces, NM  Zane Bennett Gallery

Preston Art Center, New York, NY

French Consulate
Chicago, IL Chicago Art Faire

Zane Bennett Gallery


Miami, FL Miami Art Faire .Zane Bennett Gallery

Las Cruces NM Preston Art Center

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Santa Fe, NM Aid and Comfort


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6th summer sculpture exhibit with the New Mexico sculptor guild


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Roquebrune, France Fondation Benazeraf


Paris, France Galerie Herouet


Biot, France Galerie l’Ange vert


Frejus, France Private show M.M Morel


Art Related Showings 

SELECTED 1980-2006
Curatorial ‘’1002 Project’’ Calvin Charles Gallery Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
ART in Schools, 42 child participants, E.J Martinez Elementary, Santa Fe, NM, USA
Art in Embassies, international
Art in Architecture, national
Assistant Sculptor to Dan You for feature film creation, France Assistant Muralist, Palais Bulles, Pierre Cardin’s residence, Cannes, France
Collaboration with Architect Anti Lovag, “Urban Project,” France Working Residency, bronze foundry, Belfiort, Pietra Santa, Italy

Selected Collections

Techniques in Metalsmithing (gold), France
Alston & Bird Law Firm - Atlanta, GA; New York, NY; Charlotte and Raleigh, NC
TrizecHahn, One Alliance center - USA and Canada
Cohen, Pollock, Merlin, Axelrod & Small, P.C. - Atlanta, GA
Palais Bulles, Pierre Cardin’s residence, Cannes, France
Carol Burnett, Santa Fe, NM
TrizecHahn, One Alliance center - USA and Canada
Cohen, Pollock, Merlin, Axelrod & Small, P.C., Atlanta, GA