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“Creating my artworks helps me understand the connection between the human soul and the energy of music, musical instruments and other music related elements.”
Jens Ritter is a German artist. He grew up in a musical environment which aroused his passion and love for the electric guitar. After his studies of mechanical arts, his focus was creating avantgarde guitars for Prince, George Benson, Nile Rodgers, Lady Gaga and other major music production artists.
At some point, Ritter’s guitar sculptures left their traditional purpose and turned into abstract art pieces to express his interrogations about the contemporary and future purpose of music and its technical elements, as well as its interaction with human nature. Later on Jens Ritter added music and recording equipment to his art pieces and installations.
The aim of Jens Ritter’s mission is to explore the inner nature of the electric guitar in particular, and its impact on human culture. His chosen path is to delve into the different elements of the electric guitar; such as the language of shapes, sounds, and their interactions with the viewer.
His art pieces are materialized ideas used as a medium for his quest to understand the impact of the electric guitar culture on his generation. 

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"Creating my artworks helps me understand the connection between the human soul and the energy of music, musical instruments and other music related elements."

The central idea of my work is vibration. Vibrations in human voices, vibrations created by machines, vibrations communicated through music.

In combination with my passion for sounds and electric guitars, I created my first avant-garde musical instruments. Artists like Prince, George Benson, Nile Rogers, Lady Gaga and other great musicians have been and still are my customers and collectors.

For the first time in human history, the electric guitar has given an individual the opportunity to simultaneously communicate with tens of thousands of people through "vibrations" (music) at the same time. The clear recognition of the individual vibrations and the extremely high and previously unknown volume of communication were unique.

The study of the phenomenon of vibrations led me consequently to the ideas and researches of the Big Bang, matter, cosmic vibrations. In particular, I am fascinated by the relationship between cosmic vibrations (such as planetary frequencies) and our own vibrations (body matter, voice, self-created music).

This led to abandoning the traditional guitar ideas and focusing on the essences of the instruments as objects. On the one hand, as a formal approach: The shape of the object reveals references to the manifold possibilities of vibrations.

On the other hand, works are created that can rely on the function of a guitar and generate vibrations. In a new visual combination, issues arise that point to essential ideas on the smallest components of matter (string theories) about planetary frequencies to the orbits of the galaxies - in part with the support of NASA and the "European Organization for Astronomical Research" (ESO).



Exhibition at HOHMANN

Jens Ritter's  debut at Hohmann Fine Art took place with the Season Opening Exhibition and was a great success.

Selected works will be available to view throughout the year.

JENS RITTER - Selection Christian Hohmann April 2019 (001)


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Jens Ritter's sculptures start in the high $10,000s and into the $30,000s. His guitars and "Sleeping Beauties" are available from the high $20,000 way into the $100,000 range.

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Jens Ritter’s artworks are collected by major museums like the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C, the Boston Museum Of Fine Arts, the MET - Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York City, among others.


1989-1993 apprenticeship of metalworking and –finishing
1994 IHK-Scholarship in New York City / USA
1994-1996 Academy of technical arts Ludwigshafen / Germany
1995 IHK-Scholarship in San Francisco / USA
1996 IHK-Scholarship in Vancouver / Canada
1997-1999 audio-visual graphic production at Malinowski Group / Germany
2006 Design Coaching by Luigi Colani


Museum and private Collections (Selection)

MET Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City

Lady Gaga


Boston Museum of Fine Arts

George Benson

Mary J Blidge

Smithsonian Museum Washington D.C.

Nile Rodgers (Chic / Daft Punk)

Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead)

Sammy Hagar (Van Halen)

MPK Art Museum Kaiserslautern (Germany)

Paul Turner (Jamiroquai)

NAMM Museum San Diego

LaMarquis Jefferson (Usher)

Landesmuseum Mannheim (Germany)


Publications (Selection)

Robb Report, Emarat Al Youm Dubai, Las Vegas Sun, Die Zeit, Kempinski Magazine, Kunstraum Metropol, San Diego Journal, Thailand Millionaire Magazine, Die Rheinpfalz, Revelations Catalogue, FAZ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Rubensteins, Bildzeitung, Chefs!, Nippon Epress, Guitar Aficionado, Smartlife, Handelsblatt, Carved, Traditional Jewelers, Ubi Bene, Wish Report, Bachendorf's Accent, Pixx Magazine, Koeln Express, Gary's, Bass Player, Davison Magazine Singapore, Guitar World Magazin


TV Documentaries

CBS-News, ARD Germany, SWR Germany,



 2005  Winner of State Designprice of Rheinland Pfalz / Germany
 2005  Winner of Talkbass poll “World’s most beautiful handmade instrument”
 2013  Winner of NAMM Award "Best Instrument of the Show"
 2016  Winner of German State Price Award for Arts & Crafts



Single Exhibitions

1997 STATION M. / Aschaffenburg, Germany
1998  LIVE-LIGHTS / Muenchen, Germany
2000  GIAMPIETRO / New Heaven, USA
2001  RUDYS / New York City, USA
2002  B-Gallery / London, Great Britain
2002  A&V Gallery / Ludwigshafen, Germany
2003  California Bass / Paris, France
2004  RUDYS / New York City, USA
2004  Metallidis / Athens, Greece
2005  CMB / Barcelona, Spain
2005  Huebner Gallery / Mannheim, Germany
2005  Kurosawa / Tokyo, Japan
2006  Gale Music / Toronto, Canada
2007  President-Palace / Abu Dhabi, UAE
2007  Frankfurt Airport / Frankfurt Main, Germany
2008  Revolution Gallery / Oakville, Canada
2008 Wynn Hotel / Las Vegas - USA
2010  Symbolic Art Gallery / San Diego, USA
2011  "PI Guitar" presentation at the APPLE Store NEW YORK CITY by
Star Photographer Jonathan Singer
2013  RUDY'S SOHO Gallery / New York City, USA
2014  "Art Of Electric Guitars" - Retrospective Exhibition at the
Neustadt Art Foundation / Germany
2015 MPK Art Museum Kaiserslautern / Germany
2016 Barchie's Tokyo / Japan
2018 Kurosawa Tokyo / Japan
2018 Barchie's Tokyo / Japan



Exhibition Participation and Fairs

1996 Musikmesse / Frankfurt - Germany
1997 Musikmesse / Frankfurt - Germany
1997 CALIFORNIA CENTER / New York City - USA
1998 Musikmesse / Frankfurt - Germany
1999 Musikmesse / Frankfurt - Germany
1999 KAMMGARN / Kaiserslautern - Germany
2000 Musikmesse / Frankfurt - Germany
2001 Musikmesse / Frankfurt - Germany
2002 NAMM / Los Angeles - USA
2002 Hannover-Messe Division Innovative Designs / Hannover - Germany
2002 Musikmesse / Frankfurt - Germany
2003 NAMM / Los Angeles - USA
2003 Musikmesse / Frankfurt - Germany
2004 NAMM / Los Angeles - USA
2004 Musikmesse / Frankfurt - Germany
2004 NAMM / Nashville - USA
2004 Stromgitarren / Mannheim – Germany
2005  NAMM / Los Angeles - USA
2005  Musikmesse / Frankfurt - Germany
2005  NAMM / Indianapolis – USA
2006  NAMM / Los Angeles - USA
2006  NAMM / Austin-Texas – USA
2006  Emirates Millionaire Show / Abu Dhabi – UAE
2007  NAMM / Los Angeles - USA
2007  Musac / Dubai – United Arabian Emirates
2007  Musikmesse / Frankfurt - Germany
2007  NAMM / Austin-Texas – USA
2007  Thailand Luxury Expo / Bangkok - Thailand
2008  NAMM / Los Angeles - USA
2008  Musikmesse / Frankfurt – Germany
2008  NAMM / Nashville - USA
2009  NAMM / Los Angeles - USA
2009 Musikmesse / Frankfurt - Germany
2010 NAMM / Los Angeles – USA
2010 Musikmesse / Frankfurt – Germany
2010 Montreal Jazz Festival / Montreal - Canada
2011 NAMM / Los Angeles – USA
2011 Musikmesse / Frankfurt – Germany
2011 Montreal Jazz Festival / Montreal - Canada
2012 NAMM / Los Angeles – USA
2012 Musikmesse / Frankfurt – Germany
2012 Montreal Jazz Festival / Montreal - Canada
2013 NAMM / Los Angeles – USA
2013 Musikmesse / Frankfurt – Germany
2013 Healdsburg Guitar Show /Santa Rosa California – USA
2014 NAMM / Los Angeles – USA
2014 Holygrail Guitar Show / Berlin - Germany
2014 NAMM / Los Angeles – USA
2015 NAMM / Los Angeles – USA
2015 Holygrail Guitar Show / Berlin - Germany
2016 NAMM / Los Angeles – USA
2016 Holygrail Guitar Show / Berlin – Germany
2017 NAMM / Los Angeles – USA
2017 Holygrail Guitar Show / Berlin – Germany
2017 Guitar Summit / Mannheim - Germany
2018 NAMM / Los Angeles – USA
2018 Guitar Summit / Mannheim - Germany
2019 NAMM / Los Angeles – USA