Frequently Asked Questions

I'm Buying

  • What is available to buy?

    We do not display live inventory on our web site as it changes often. What you see are examples of the artist's work that may already be sold. If you are interested in a specific artist, we can send you tear sheets of available works. If you are an existing client or if you have a project you are working on, we can provide you with a temporary password to access our live inventory.

    If you are an existing client, please call or email us for access information. If you are not a client yet, please visit one of our showrooms or set up a call for a brief introduction to our live inventory system.


  • Do you reserve an art work?

    If you are considering a work of art, we will check that it is indeed available, get a quote for shipping and time frames for packing, shipping or local delivery and during this process we will hold the item for so no one else can purchase it. This is usually 48 hours and applies to online purchases only. 

    We can hold artwork for an extended time with a down payment relative to the time you would like to reserve it. Down payments can be used towards any art work in the gallery if you decide not to move forward with this particular purchase.

    We do not reserve items during opening receptions or during art fairs. Please note that a quote for an art work alone does not automatically constitute a hold on the item. 

  • How can I see it?

    If you are local, we would be happy to prepare any item for viewing by appointment in our Village Court gallery. We ship almost every work of art on approval.

  • Live Inventory

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  • Consignment Re-Sale

    We are not a consignment gallery. Our primary business is to promote and sell the works of the artists we represent and to help our clients build meaningful collections. On the rare occasion that one of our clients wants to divest of a work of art, we usually help them find the right replacement while giving them credit for the previous work.

    Since we are not set up to sell on consignment from private sources, we recommend finding a business that is.

    If you would like to find out whether the work you want to sell fits the narrow parameters of our gallery to be sold on consignment, please check here: 

  • Artist Submissions

    The short answer is yes, we always love to learn about artists we don't know. The more comprehensive answer and detailed instructions can be found on our artist submission page. Please use only the form on that page to submit your art, so it won't get lost. 

  • Do you buy?

    Short answer: No. We are a gallery promoting and selling the work of the artists we represent. We are not a re-sale gallery.

    Long answer: We have on occasion purchased or sold on consignment works of secondary market artists if the opportunity was too good to pass on. Is the exception to the rule and it is not the primary part of our business, but if you would like to submit your artwork to see if it is eligable, please read this:

  • How much is it worth?

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Shipping and delivery

Art services


  • Appraisals

    We offer free replacement value appraisals for works that were purchased from us once every 5 years. Additional appraisals can be requested for a fee ($350/h.)

    Fair market value appraisals for donation exceeding $5,000 require an appraisal of an IRS approved independent appraiser. If you have purchased the work of art from us, we would be happy to refer appraisers that we have worked with. You can also check 

    We do not have a certified appraiser on staff and use ourselves the services of numerous appraisers to evaluate works of art. The process of determining the value of a work of art is complicated, time intensive and costly. The price for the same Chagall print for example may differ quite substantially based on condition, something that can only be recognized by an expert in person.

    If you are an professional appraiser and you are looking for comps, please contact us. To protect our clients we can only give out limited information, but we may be able to help. If you are not an accredited, professional appraiser we are unable to supply any sales information or comp pricing.

  • Framing

    We do not offer framing services in-house, but we work with almost all local frame shops and if our standard choices do not appeal to you, we would be happy to deliver your purchase to the framer of your choice for expert consultation regarding framing. 

    We get many works of art framed once we receive them from the artist and we use only the highest quality, museum grade framing which includes all acid free materials, UV-protective glass when appropriate and in many cases museum plexi.

  • Storage

    We do not offer art storage, but we would be happy to refer a great resource here locally and in many metropolitan areas.

  • Installation

    Every full price purchase includes local delivery (from La Quinta to Palm Springs) and installation. We work with the best art handlers in the desert and we would be happy to refer them for any project you have. For liability reasons, our own staff art handlers are not permitted to handle or install any art that was not purchased from us.

  • Shipping and Crating

    Every work of art you purchase from us is professionally packed and custom crated so it can be shipped via FedEx. If the item is especially fragile or valuable, we use specialized art shippers for transportation. Expedited shipping and white glove services are available upon request. For liability reasons we are unable to provide packing, crating or shipping services for art work that was not purchased from us, but we would be happy to recommend someone who can help.

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  • Restoration

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  • VIP Tickets

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  • Event Invitations

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  • Why are you by appointment only?

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  • Solicitations

    Advertising, business opportunities, credit card or payroll services, or anything that will lower our bills:

    If you are offering something that we have not specifically asked for, please keep in mind that it is OK for you to ask and it is OK for us to say no. You don't need to explain why you are offering it and we don't have to explain why we don't want it. Fair enough?

    Please do not add our general or individual email addresses to any mailing list or newsletter unless we ask for it. Please do not mail any materials to the gallery (because it goes straight in the trash) and pretty please under any circumstance do not visit the gallery without making an appointment. That's when you see our ugly side.


Art Fairs


If you are an existing client or a potential customer and are considering working with us, please drop us a line or call us and we gladly answer all your questions at once.

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