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Growing up in Paris on the famous Place du Tertre in Montmartre, Albert Delamour remembers his grandmother and aunt’s homes being full of paintings and sculptures from the early 20th century. Some of these artists were even family friends. Influenced by the greats like Picasso, Renoir, and Klimt, Delamour has created a timeless technique that stops us in our tracks, evoking a variety of emotions all from a single image. His technique is a layering process that evolved from years of experimenting with precious materials, and a passion to invent new ways to showcase photography and tell stories. It consists of layering several coats of silver and gold leaves, and a final coat of lacquer. This unrivaled combination paired with his secret touch leaves behind a liquid-glass luminescence, making each piece come alive in its own dimensional way. It has the power to mirror the past, present, and future.

But this is not just a technique. It’s what sets Delamour apart. It’s his trademark, keeping him in the lineage of the old masters that have inspired him since his youth. From the impressionable age of sixteen, he started photography and never stopped. Trained at the Louis Lumiere School of Cinema, he worked with esteemed photographers in France, ultimately inspiring his own self-teaching. With the pursuit of light at the heart of every Delamour creation, his process creates pieces that react with the environment, bringing depth and life to every layer, living on as a window to his wonderment.



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Albert Delamour's photographic works are usually small hand made editions of 7 usually in one or two sizes; in some rare cases three. Prices start in the mid $2,000s for small works up to mid $10,000s for very large works, with most mid size works selling between $3,000 - $6,000..

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Air force school, France


Louis Lumiere, school of Photography & Cinema


Study under the tutelage of master photographer Henri Coste


New York University, school of Filmmaking







Selected Exhibitions


HOHMANN, Palm Desert


Market Art+Design, Bridgehampton, NY


AAF New York city


TOAF, curated by SAATCHI Art, Brooklyn, NY


Art Market, San Francisco


Market Art+Design, Bridgehampton, NY


TOAF, curated by SAATCHI Art, Brooklyn, NY


SITE's Surrealist Drawing Spectacular, Santa Fe, NM


Art Market, San Francisco


Market Art+Design, Bridgehampton, NY


Solo show "Outside The Frame”, Michele Mariaud gallery, New York


Art Market, San Francisco


Scope, Miami during Art Basel week


Texas Art contemporary


Market Art+Design, Bridgehampton, NY


Art Market, San Francisco


AAF, New York


Scope, Miami during Art Basel week


Art Market, San Francisco


AAF, New York


Toronto Art fair


Group exhibit, Michele Mariaud gallery, New York


Aqua, Miami during Art Basel week


Solo Art show, Icons" Michele Mariaud gallery, New


Select Art fair, New York


West Palm Beach Art Fair


Hong-Kong Art fair


Architectural Digest Design show, New York


Wonderland Collection, Art Hong-Kong


Cut&Uncut collection, Palm Beach Art Fair


Icons series, Fotofever Paris


“Wonderland”, Art Singapore


“Golden Time”, Art Fair New York


“Wonderland”, Fotofever Paris


“Rolling SnowBall2”, Quan Zhou Art University, China


“Cut&Uncut” Art Brussels, Belgium


“Envolees”, AAF New York


“Through the Looking Glass”, AAF New York


“Commodity Fetishism”, True Art Union Gallery, Xiamen, China


“Through the Looking Glass”, Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China


“Envolees”, Living with Art gallery, New York


“The Collection”, curated by Giovanni Rossi, Miami, FL


“Croisements Paralleles”, Living with Art gallery, New York


“1002 project”, Calvin Charles Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ


“Designed by Nature2”, Aspen International Art gallery, Aspen


“Art Garden Fantasy”, ART+ Gallery, Coral Gables


“Designed by Nature”, Aspen International Art gallery, Aspen


“Kodak Youth”, Kodak Billboard, Times Square, New York


“Collaborations”, at the National Arts Club, New York


“SpringTime”, at Henry Bendel Fifth Ave., New York


“Designed by Nature” Poltrona Frau, Miami


Firmenich Fines Fragances headquarters, permanent collection


“Kodak Youth”, Kodak Billboard, Times Square, New York


“Designed by Nature” Poltrona Frau, New York


“Who is my ennemi” Paris-Photo, Carré Noir gallery, Paris


“Who is my ennemi 2”, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris


“Who is my ennemi 1”, collaboration with artist Andrei Molodkin, Chapelle Saint- Louis de la Salpetriere, Paris