Kunst ist schön,
macht aber viel Arbeit

"Art is beautiful, but requires a lot of work!"

- Karl Valentin (1882 - 1948)

Working in an Art Gallery

If you think, working in an art gallery means meeting famous artists, hosting glamorous parties with lots of champagne, being surrounded by incredible works of art - well, yes it's all that and more. But most of the time it's not very glamorous and it is always hard work.

Even, if we don't have any open positions in the main gallery: If you have something to bring to the table that would help the gallery move to the next level, we will listen!

If you are a self-starter, have experience in the art business, can handle yourself in a high-end environment - then we want to talk to you!

Currently, we are looking to staff our new Palm Springs Showroom starting in September/October. If you are interested in working in the Palm Springs Showroom, please drop us a note here and mention Palm Springs. You don't necessarily need experience in the art world to work in the showroom, although it would be helpful!

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How to apply

Currently, we will only invite applicants to interviews that have extensive experience in the art business in any capacity, for example, registrars, preparators, art handlers, marketing, reception. Also, applicants with no experience in the art business, but with extensive computer skills, marketing, or accounting may also be invited. Specifically, we are looking for strong skills in QuickBooks online, HubSpot, Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop, Premiere. We are also always interviewing if you have worked as an art handler at a museum. In short, if you feel, you have something to bring to the table and you have a passion for art, please write.

We currently do not offer commission-based sales positions, unless you bring your own client base.

We are also working on an internship program and hope to have it in place soon. If you are interested, you may also apply and we will keep you informed when the time comes.

If you really want to work in the art business, but have no or no relevant work experience or skills, you may of course apply and we will keep your resume on file for future opportunities.  

Please fill out this form and you will receive a confirmation email to which you can reply with your resume and more information.